• How to Care for your Bag

    Like you, we want your bag to last for as long as possible. Many of us care about ethics including caring for our planet and therefore the best purchase for the planet is the one you don't make! But we do need to make purchases from time to time and the second best option is to make those purchases last for as long as possible.

    Day One

    Please dispose of packaging responsibly. Paper mailers can go in your home recycling bin. (consider removing the tape put on by the post office first). Plastic bags can be taken to your supermarket plastic bag recycling bins. Many bags come in a dust bag. You can store your bag in it - or if you don't need it these can also be recycled in supermarket bins (as can supermarket re-usable bags, incidentally)


    Bags, like most fashion items are handmade and you may see evidence of this like untrimmed stitching or a mark left by a dressmakers pencil. These should have been sorted at the factory - but if I spot them I will trim back threads, wipe off marks etc. Sorry if I also miss them and you come across these shortfalls. Please just trim yourself and see below for tips on cleaning. Of course, if the stitching is actually coming apart or if there are other faults get in touch and my suppliers should rectify these (with a replacement)


    Sometimes when a PU bag is first unpacked it has a strong smell. This is not always the case, but sorry if you get a stinker! Please just leave it to air uncovered for a day or two and they come right. I have heard this remarked on often on forums etc but rarely have noticed the smell myself. Perhaps the bags were not aired long enough at manufacturing, not sure but like I say - it happens.



    Most of our bags are PU (the most common form of vegan leather) and when they have a nonporous surface it is safe to wipe with a damp cloth. For more stubborn marks I use De-Solve-It which is magic on vegan bags and shoes (nonporous surfaces only).

    Suede-look surfaces can be patted with a damp cloth - or sometimes just a dry cloth will wipe off that dried up vegan cupcake no problem.


    Store all bags out of direct sunlight. Be careful on rough surfaces like cement. If (when) your water bottle leaks all over your bag just empty it, wipe it out and allow it to dry, open in a warm spot (shady spot outside or keep inside)

    If you have a black or brown bag you can tidy up worn corners with a touch of shoe polish (the more liquid type that comes in a squeezy bottle and applies with a foam tip). Leave until you are certain it is dry - or you will risk staining clothing, furniture etc.


    From time to time you might need to freshen up your bag (on account of you kids filling it with apple cores, dried leaves and shells). When this is the case empty it, sprinkle the interior with baking soda, shake it about a bit and leave for about 20 minutes. After, turn the bag inside out (if possible) and give it a good shake outside. You might also need to turn your vacuum on low and suck up the last of the baking soda. Well done - all fresh again!

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We can only exchange items that have been unused in a re-saleable condition within 14 days of receipt of goods. Please include your contact details, including the order date, name, email address and phone number, with your goods.

A return must be requested within 14 days of receiving your order. You should then return your item(s) within 14 days of receiving delivery return details.

Returned Items should be returned new, clean, unaltered, undamaged and unused. 


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