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All you really need to Go Vegan...

It doesn't have to be hard... a few simple substitutions and you will be flying!

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All you really need to 'Go Vegan'

All you really need to go vegan

Keeping things simple is ALWAYS a good idea, I find! Here are the five ingredients I recommend any vegan has in their pantry. You will use most on a daily basis and they are a quick, nutritious and easy to replace meat, egg and diary... These ingredients will also ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that vegans are most likely to be not getting enough of. (Vegans actually rarely test low in anything, but just to be sure, why not be careful!)

1.   Soy Milk (or another non diary milk if you prefer). Look for brands that are fortified with calcium and vitamin D. I usually get the fortified Vitasoy version (pictured is the Original)

  • Once you have found a milk replacement you like you are sorted for breakfast cereals, smoothies, tea and coffee, baking and simply drinking as is.

2.   Orgran NO EGG(TM). You are not about to magic up poached eggs with this stuff (though silken tofu works well as scrambled eggs!) but this is perfect for egg free baking. It is mixed with a little water and added to cakes, muffins* and wherever you usually use eggs (even meringues it says on the box but I have not tried!)

  • Think cakes, biscuits, muffins, pancakes, slices, meringues etc (Mmmm, did someone say pancakes?)

3.   Yeast flakes - savoury heaven for vegans! This has a pungent taste similar to parmesan cheese so is great for sprinkling on bakes, pasta, avocado etc. I use this also in baking, making my own vegan parmesan cheese mix* and vegan butter*. The beauty of Yeast flakes also is that it is (Coles brand is, not sure about others) fortified with Vitamin B12 - really the only vitamin that vegans absolutely need to supplement. (But don't panic if you haven't been supplementing - generally takes 7 years for your body to 'run out' of Vit.B12!)

  • Sprinkled on most meals, vegan cheeses, vegan butter

4.   Coconut oil is great because it solidifies at room temperature (or in the fridge in summer!) This means it is great for firming up desserts, butter*, cheeses etc. Coconut oil can also be used as is as a replacement for butter in baking. This oil also has a high burn threshold, making it good for sautéing.

  • Great in raw deserts and traditional baking, great for sautéing and making home made vegan butter*

5. Tinned pulses are perfect for easily adding bulk, taste, texture and protein to almost any meal. My favourite are chickpeas... oh I'm such a hippy and LOVE the things! Always have tins on hand!

  • Add to salads, bakes, curry, pasta. Use to make Hummus.

* denotes items I make myself - I have some good vegan recipes so will share some favourite vegan recipes in the next blog post!

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