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Earth Friendly Christmas Gifts

a brainstorming session...

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God, help us - but it is that time of year when we must think of what to get for friends and family. I am not a natural born gift getter. Sometimes I find it excruciating! I know that this is largely due to my naturally thrifty and eco-minded attitude to STUFF. It seems senseless buying (or making) people things they don't need and often don't want! 
We owe it to the planet to put in extra thought to where the gifts we buy come from, how useful they will be, and where they will end up. Oh I do apologies for being so practical about what is meant to be (or society dictates should be) a season of fun and abundance and giving and frivolity... but there are seven billion people on the planet and counting. We must think about the whole picture!
Generally, kids (mine certainly) are natural born consumers... if it glitters and or is made of plastic they WANT it. It can get so exhausting! But perhaps this gives me an advantage as I have given a silly amount of time to brainstorming alternatives.
So here goes, a list of guilt free Christmas gifts!
1. Cut Flowers for the lady in your life and friends, teachers, bosses and co-workers.
2. Vegan Chocolate like this for teachers and friends.
3. Simple, timeless quality jewellery for your partner. Also once kids are old enough to be careful with their belongings quality jewellery is better than cheap play pieces that will end up in the bin within a week (so kids from about 8 years old up, depending)
4. Photos (Put on a USB or printed) for grandparents.
5. A book voucher from an independent local bookseller for anyone.
6. A re-usable coffee cup Iike this for the coffee lovers in your life.
7. Home made vegan sweets
8. A voucher from local 'pampering' business (massage, pedicure, hairdresser etc)
9. A stationary set made with recycled paper for your mum and grandma.
10. A cute re-usable shopping tote from organic cotton or bamboo for almost anyone.
11. Potted plants for friends, parents and partner.
12. Go through your photos and make a photo-book with a local company). like this 
Kids love baby-photos of themselves, or shots from a special holiday for your partner, or of your kids for the grandparents.
13. Frame kids art for grandparents or your partner.
14. Organic wine for your parents and friends.
15. Bake a cake! For anyone, obviously!!
16. Box of fruit for your grandma.
17. Beautiful hard-back editions of children's classics from your local bookshop for kids.
18. A vegan cook-book for your vegan-curious friend.
19. A voucher to a vegan restaurant.
20. Tickets to an event, for someone you know well. (Comedy, music, speakers, workshop, cooking class etc)
Have ideas to add to this list? add them in the comments!
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