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Finalising the Bags

and a fun quiz!

Finalising the Bags...
and a fun quiz!
And so, it is done. After a few hours knee deep in pu leather swatches I finalsed the finishes for each handbag. There will be just one option for the Tote - the same tan as the previous sample but with a reptile texture to the surface. There will be two colour options for the hobo (black and tan with a subtle texture) and two colour options for the clutch - cream and black, both with the reptile finish.
ISABELLA Tote (tan)
AOIFE Hobo (black/tan)
MAEVE clutch (cream/black)
And now, a quiz!
I have been thinking recently about how I was a vegan at heart long before I was living as a vegan. I turned vegetarian in my teens - and if I knew then what I know now about conventional practices of diary farming and egg production I would have been a strict vegan even back then. When I say 'Are you a natural born vegan?' it doesn't have to mean you are currently vegan... it just means that in your heart - you already are!
How many of these are you?
  1. You always always buy your eggs organic and free range - because you care about the conditions the layers are kept in. (or you don't buy them at all, of course...)
  2. You avert your eyes from the carnage as you walk past a butchers or fish shop.
  3. You are appalled by recent coverage of live export, abattoir and puppy factories.
  4. When Cecil the lion was killed, you were shocked and angered but thought 'They are all Cecil.'
  5. You are a sucker for baby animal videos on YouTube.
  6. Perhaps you eat meat - but wouldn't want to kill it yourself.
  7. You catch a fish and cry.
  8. You watch a war movie and worry for the horses.
  9. You drive through the countryside on a hot day and notice that a paddock of grazing animals have been given no shade. You feel sorry for them.
  10. You take your kids to a petting zoo and feel concern for the animals, wondering if all that toddler mayhem scares them.
  11. You see a horse drawn carriage go past and, although you appreciate the beauty of the sight, wonder if the animals are well cared for, watered and get adequate rest.
  12. You are gentle with your dog - even when no one is watching.
The Results
0 - Perhaps one day the vegan lifestyle with appeal to you - but it will be based on environmental and/or health reasons, not because you empathise with the plight of animals. (And, please be kinder to your dog!)
1-4 You probably don't classify yourself as an animal lover, but occasionally you do think about animal welfare. If you were to go vegan, your reasons would probably be a mix of health, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.
5-8 Hey, you're a vegetarian aren't you! Yep - knew it!
9-12 You might not know it yet but you are SO VEGAN! Check out my last blog post and live the life you were destined to lead :) here
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