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How to be a GOOD vegan

Taking a softly-softly approach...

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How to be a GOOD vegan.
Taking a softly-softly approach...
Some see veganism as extreme. Probably most do. It is a personal choice made by an individual who chooses to live better and be better.  Better than their previous self that is - not better than 'everyone else'.
I am noticing a lot of angst on social media - both towards vegans by non vegans and vice versa. We must all remember, vegans and non vegans alike that every one of us is on our own path. You have chosen your path and you are wherever you are along your journey. We must not judge others for being an another point along their journey.
If we 'go vegan' to live better and be better - why make room for all that angst and anger and judgement? I think we need to remember that our own life and comfort is important too. If I filled my days judging the actions of everyone around me I would loose sleep at night. That is not the lifestyle I want. I choose to quietly walk away from the practices I don't support. I don't post graphic images of abattoir carnage. I don't even want to look at them. I am already vegan - why torture myself? 
Rather than focussing on the negative I am energised by focussing on the positive. Going vegan presents you with a host of new challenges and most of us enjoy being challenged. I now make my own 'butter', all my baking is vegan, I cook from scratch, I ponder over the weird and wonderful ingredients in the 'health food' section of the supermarket. I'm seeking out vegan eateries (though I don't get out much!) I like to surprise friends at gatherings with my latest vegan recipe. I always bring along an array of dips and some rich chocolaty desert that no one can believe is vegan. 
It's is much more fun to take on new challenges and share good food than it is to get stuck in debates about what humans were designed to eat and how God appointed us the right to kill and eat animals. Puleeeeeze!
How to be a GOOD vegan...
  1. Don't judge yourself... every little helps.
  2. Don't judge others, their journey is not yours.
  3. If graphic documentation of animal cruelty ruins you day - DON'T LOOK AT IT!
  4. It is OK to break the 'rules' sometime. If you are allowing the rules to rule your life then perhaps it is the rules that attract you. Too much abiding by rules can lead to obssessions and unbalance. There will be time when it is just too hard (a restaurant you didn't choose, on holiday, at someone else's house...) there comes a point where enjoyment of the moment is more important. If the host thought you were vegetarian and made you a vegetarian dish the 'damage' has been done and it is way worse to waste the food and insult your host than to 'stand up' for your values. In my opinion!! Of course you may get away with quietly eating around the non vegan food if you really can't stomach it!
  5. Enjoy the journey, and attract others to the lifestyle with good vibes. Much more effective than pissing everyone else by being a judgemental do-gooder!
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