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It's National Op Shop Week!

23rd - 30th August

It's National Op Shop Week in Australia right now, so what better way to celebrate than a photoshoot with op shop finds and of course Scarlett vegan bags! All the following outfits are composed from finds from some of my local op shops. There are so many great reasons to support your local including:
1. Whatever you buy, the money goes to charity. (guilt free shopping!)
2. You are helping to reduce the enormous about of waste that the fashion and textiles industries generate.
3. You are recycling.
4. You save money. Love certain labels? Then seek them out and get them for 10% of their usual price! (sometimes even with original price tags on them!) I have bought lots of Witchery at op-shops! Many pieces which are featured here.
Scroll down for 10 tips to make the most of your op-Shopping.
The Maeve Vegan Hobo (with long strap attached)
The Maeve Vegan Hobo
The Aiofa Vegan Clutch (with long strap attached)
The Aoifa Vegan Clutch
The Isabella Vegan Tote
How to Op Shop like a Pro!
1. Make a shopping list of items you need and keep it in your handbag. Look for items on your list but don't ignore unexpected treasures!
2. Allow time - all that rummaging can't be hurried...
3. Look for your favourite brands, if you are lucky you might find coveted items at a fraction of their usual price.
4. Try it on. Just because it's a bargain doesn't negate the need to try on. Time is money too and it's worth making useful purchases. 
5. Be picky about the charity shops you frequent. Some are better than others and if in doubt seek out op shops in the poshest suburb in town. You will be amazed at what you'll find.
6. Check details for quality. Are there stains or missing buttons? Nothing worse than only noticing these things once you get home.
7. Read the label - dry clean only? Hand wash only? Perhaps pass if this is not your style. You could take a calculated risk of course, some items wash well despite the label and it might be worth the few dollars to find out.
8. If you enjoy sewing and crafting then look at things creatively. Would that frumpy dress in a stunning fabric work as a skirt? Could those 'Mom Jeans' be cut down to funky shorts?
9. Be sure to return your inevitable bad buys to your local op shop. What goes around comes around. Quite literally.
10. Rummage beyond the clothing racks. Check out the books and homewares, you just might find something useful.
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